Itami Airport Informational Guide to Osaka Itami International Airport (ITM) - Non Official

Itami Airport Bus

From Itami Airport passengers can use the following bus options: 


It is a company that offers routes to lots of destinations nearby. There are routes from ITM Airport to Imeji, Kobe, Kansai Airport, Namba, Nara, Kyoto and of course, Osaka. 

Service hours are variable but, as it is not an overnight airport, passengers will always find buses and options. 

As a reference, a bus to Osaka Station takes 30 minutes and costs around 500 yens. 

Check their website to find more information and options. 


There are buses to cities like Fukui, Ishikawa, Tokoshima, Hiroshima, Okaya, Kyoto, among others.


Hankyu Bus 

This company offers routes to Toyonaka, Ikeda, Shin-Osaka and Takrazuka Sta. Leave from bus stop 6.

For prices, schedules and more information, please check their website

Itami City Bus

It goes to Itami Station and takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Bus stop is at bus stop number 7.